Photo Credit: Joel Schat

One of the most common question we see in our inbox is how to get featured on our Instagram page, well ask no more, here is the to-do list for your best chance to see your photo featured on our account.

1. Use the Hashtag

When posting to your feed, make sure to attach the hashtag #VancityFeature. We keep a close eye on the account hashtags to curate content.

2. Tag @Vancity

Include us when tagging; this is just another way to get our and others eyes on your photo.

3. Follow us on the ‘gram 😉

This one is simple. Follow @Vancity, join the community!
It only makes sense to want to share and support the talented and interested people who we interact with.

4. Know your content

We seek high quality content that is within the genre of photos we post to our accounts. In addition to the beauty we see, we are always excited for new perspectives and interesting twists on the scenery around us.

For example: @Vancity highlights photos within the areas of Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, and the beauty of British Columbia.

5. Story Re-share

Another common way to get your content out there is through our instastories.
Tagging @vancity will allow us to repost. The kind of content we look for in these cases are what’s happening now in the city/bc and scenery. We want to see the beautiful spots you are visiting and any city happenings that you are attending.

At this time we are not resharing “new post” or page posts to our instastories.

6. Enter for a chance at the #VancityGallery!

When you see a series of photos featuring a particular account – double check the description – this could be a part of the #VancityGallery series! These are dedicated posts highlighting 10 of YOUR photos and encouraging people to visit your page and comment on their most loved in the series.

Follow the instructions on the post for a chance to have a dedicated post of your photos on our account.

7. Work with us!

If you’re a business and are interested in getting  in front of the eyes of our community, send us an email at to get in touch with us. We’re all about supporting local and/or interesting businesses and offering the best to those in our community.


Note: All of our accounts follow this same formula – check below for more specialized content & sharing opportunities!

Creators of Vancity #creatorsofvancity

VancityWears #vancitywears

VancityStudio #vancitystudio

Vancitypreneur #vancitypreneur