Vancity HUB events are designed to connect, support, educate and inspire like-minded folks in the community. Our four chapters each host a monthly meetup, while our HUB focuses on bringing those different chapters together… and so much more! We do it because we love community building, and because we know how valuable connection can be.

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New virtual events coming soon! Stay tuned.


Do all of your events cost money?2020-02-11T08:31:06-08:00

Yes, all of our events have a fee. We always offer early bird ticket pricing so if you’re interested in coming out, be sure to subscribe and follow along on our channels to keep updated.

Why do you charge for tickets?2020-02-11T08:32:22-08:00

We charge for tickets because it helps us sustain our operations to keep hosting and improving our events.

Who do you donate 10% of your ticket profits to?2020-02-11T08:34:40-08:00

In the past we’ve worked with the Union Gospel Mission (UGM) to support their efforts in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver. We’re working on establishing a more formal partnership with a local organization to show more transparency on where the profit donations go. More on this soon!

Can I buy tickets at the event instead of beforehand?2020-02-11T08:35:45-08:00

No, tickets need to be purchased before the event. In the case that we allow ticket sales at the door, it will be clear on the event announcement and marketing collateral.

Is there a minimum age required for your events?2020-02-11T08:36:48-08:00

No, all our welcome! In the case that we’re hosting a 19+ event, we’ll make it clear in the event announcement and marketing collateral.

Is their alcohol at your events?2020-02-11T08:38:09-08:00

Usually no, but sometimes yes. We’ll make it clear in the event announcement and marketing collateral if alcohol will be available.

Can I help you plan and manage events?2020-02-11T08:39:11-08:00

Yes! We’re always looking to work with others in the community to help produce amazing events! If you’re interested, please get in touch with us on our contact page.

Can I sponsor your events?2020-02-11T08:40:19-08:00

Yes, we’re open to sponsorship on our events with organizations that align with our mission and values. If interested, please reach out to us on our contact page.

Are you open to co-hosting or partnering on events?2020-02-11T08:41:28-08:00

Absolutely! We’ve partnered with some great organizations to put on some very fun events! We’d love to hear what you have in mind. Please get in touch with us on our contact page.