Flatlay photo of work items (laptop, ukelele, hardrive, book) accompanied by the Vancity HUB sticker and a magic eight ball. All items to provide entertainment.

What are you doing to satisfy your creativity right now?

Social Distancing
Self Quarantine
Work from Home
Stay Inside
Stay Healthy
Stay Safe
Flatten the Curve

Will we continue to post on our accounts during this time?
Will it encourage people to go outside?

Short answer is yes – we will continue to post on our accounts. Because so many of us use creativity to keep peace of mind and cure boredom we want to continue supporting you in those efforts. However, we don’t want you to create by putting  the health of yourself and others at risk. We hope this list of ideas can spark some madness within you to keep creating keeping the above parameters in mind.
Stay Inside & Stay Creative. 

  1. Dig out projects of creativity past
    Rediscover photos you looked past the first time, or re-edit photos that you loved. Rework a song you didn’t quite finish. Pick up those designer drawings and plan your next designer drop.
  2. Take on a new challenge
    Experiment with lighting, shadows, household items, a new pattern, a new song. Make a dramatic piece about toilet paper.  Challenge yourself to doing 7 days of something new. We hope to throw challenges and ideas at you on our accounts as well!
  3. Learn a new skill
    Is there a technique/creative skill you love but really don’t know how to execute? Putting off learning to “some other time?” I guess now is the time. Get on YouTube, or better yet ask someone who inspires you to chat or video chat to teach you.
  4. Let your current state/mood/situation drive your creativity
    Make a short film about your time indoors. Take your first self portrait. Write poetry. Sew an item of clothing using clothes you no longer wear.
  5. Work together
    As mentioned in 3, learn a new skill, we can work together (online). Ask someone to write some music to apply to that new indoor short video. Write some amazing poetry and find a photographer to add the perfect photo. Reach out. Ask to video chat. Have fun. Share with us, because we don’t want to be left out either.

Thank you for being a part of this community. We’re excited to see what you come up with!