Photo by @tstarcitano

As a community we cannot stay silent.

We need to make it clear that racism has no place, anywhere. It is important to take this time to learn and educate ourselves. To understand why this is happening and what we can do together to play a role against hatred, oppression, violence, and injustice.

Black voices deserve to be heard, and black lives deserve to be protected. The Vancity HUB community stands with you.

Support for the Black Lives Matter movement comes in multiple forms. Support can come by educating yourself, taking actions in petitions, and by donating. Even if you don’t have the means to contribute monetarily it’s always worth it to read what these charities and initiatives are doing; and in some cases you can donate non-monetary value.

Links to pages that are filled with resources:



Other ways to support:

You can support the movement by buying from Black-owned local businesses, supporting black artists, creatives, & entrepreneurs. By speaking up against racism in your everyday life and having difficult conversations  – today and forever.