HUB Media is here

Alright Vancouver, it’s with SO much excitement that we can finally say, welcome to HUB Media… a new platform where we’ll be sharing a ton of original content from and about our team members, folks in the community, local creatives, entrepreneurs, musicians, designers, changemakers and many more.

We have stories to tell, and so do so many of the interesting people across our communities. Vancouver also has so much to offer in terms of events, attractions and local businesses, all of which we would love to highlight and bring to the surface. So this new platform is here to share those stories and promote all amazing things happening in the Greater Vancouver area.

Why the new platform

We started our Instagram page back in the summer of 2015. Since then it’s come a long way, growing into a local audience of roughly 67,000 people, known mostly for featuring beautiful scenes around Vancouver, members from within our community, collaborations with local businesses and the odd peak into some of our community chapters. However, we know we can offer more to our audience in the form of long form content, and share more about what our organization and chapters are up to.

From a IG repost account, to a media network. We’re evolving into a storytelling platform in Vancouver.

What to expect from our media

The type of content we want to create more of and share with you all is original stories, programming, and in-depth editorials and educational series. We are not a local news network pumping out as much content as we can about daily happenings in the city.

We have five core values that guide us through everything we do at our organization. Our media is no exception, and we want our values to shine through. Those values are:

  1. Community first: placing the community first by adding value to our audience through everything we do
  2. Impact driven: finding unique ways to have a positive impact on Vancouver, whether socially or environmentally
  3. Creativepreneurship: promoting a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship
  4. Be a role model: acting as if people are watching and learning from us, because they are
  5. Voice of love and positivity: helping the voice of love and optimism be louder

We’ll strive to make sure that all of these values are at the heart of everything we create and distribute. If you ever have feedback for us, or issues with something that we posted, please feel free to get in touch with our team at

Want to create with us?

With the launch of this new platform, we’re going to need help! So whether you’re into video, photo, written, or audio content… we need people to help create content and uncover stories in Vancouver. This would be volunteer work to start with, but with the aim to eventually hire a team of creators to keep content consistently flowing. So if you’re looking for experience, want to work with an awesome team and have a passion for creating, please get in touch with us to find out more.

With that, we’ll wrap it up there. Keep an eye out for our next post coming soon, and subscribe to our newsletter if you’d like to be notified of our future posts. Thanks Vancity, chat again soon!